Weekly Affirmation: 6/24/19


This Week’s Affirmation and intention focuses around being filled with love and peace. Not only are we asking to feel or experience these vibrations but we’re intending that we be so filled with love and peace that we can’t help but to spread it like the flu! In order for it to become a lifestyle, we must first fill our bodies with this frequency until it spills over and we don’t have to think about, we simply exemplify it. 

May this week fill you with so much love and peace, all you can do is smile and be kind to others. Shoot I hope you’re so full that you’re more gentle and loving to yourSELF. Remember affirmations work best with visualization, a spirit of worthiness, and true belief that this is what you intend to manifest with ease. Spread love this week. Spread light all week. Happy Monday Lovers 💕✨

Jane Grant